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A new skin at the age of 40 – The benefits of dielectrophoresis

A new skin at the age of 40 – The benefits of dielectrophoresis

If it is true that life begins at 40, it is then essential to act in the best possible way so that this rebirth does also involve the skin, which right at this age may start showing the first signs of time. As a matter of fact, between 35 and 40 y.o. a physiological process of slow-down of the skin’s metabolism starts: the production of elastin and collagen fibers decreases and the skin appears less elastic, not that firm and with a duller complexion. A more irregular production and distribution of melanin can result in dark spots and generalized dyschromia. It is therefore essential to carefully choose appropriate cosmetics to revitalize the skin, help it regenerate itself and provide it with hydration and nourishment to make it supple and bright again.

You may also go for treatment sessions carried out with specific machinery to maximize the benefits of cosmetic care: among the best known, non-invasive and effective ones, dielectrophoresis deeply conveys in the epidermis active ingredients having a moisturizing, nourishing, remineralizing and revitalizing action that restructure and firm the skin up, provided these functional principles are carefully selected on the basis of each one’s skin needs.
Villa Paradiso Cosmetics has developed a protocol that starts from an attentive cleansing up to the application of the most suitable cream and which can be replicated every 3-4 weeks to restore elasticity, freshness and brightness to the skin of face and neck.

The treatment necessarily begins with a deep cleansing to let the skin receive the highest benefit from the steps to follow. This cleansing must be gentle, but effective and fully respectful of the natural skin’s physiology: Face Cleansing Mask contains mineral powders which remove impurities from the horny layer and natural moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that preserve the NMF, the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor. Applied to face and neck, the mask favors the removal of dead cells, stimulates cellular regeneration, removes excess sebum and promotes the skin’s detoxification and oxygenation, thus delivering a final result of brightness and smoothness.

The cleansing is completed by a nebulization of Regenerating Anti-Age Lotion: fresh and pleasant, the lotion is rich in moisturizing, revitalizing and protective active ingredients that exert a soothing and restorative action on the skin, a true passe-partout of hydration. The treatment proceeds with a specific connective facial massage and a phisioroulage for neck and décolleté, so to stimulate the trophism of these two areas.

The immediate subsequent use of dielectrophoresis is strategic to deliver active ingredients carefully selected according to the individual skin’s needs and usually chosen among vitamins, proteins, trace elements and minerals. The tool of the equipment, gently moved on face, neck and décolleté, creates electrical impulses that favor the penetration of those active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. This procedure is particularly suitable for those who do not like invasive methods to convey and distribute specific functional substances in depth and replaces mesotherapy performed with needles.

The protocol then requires the application of Revitalizing Morning Treatment Mask, a soft and delicate revitalizing treatment that awakens the skin’s vitality by stimulating its physiological energetic processes. The presence of a precious natural yeast extract promotes cellular respiration and tissue oxygenation to give the skin softness, firmness and a bright appearance, while a careful combination of organic Silicon and Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and improves its elasticity and softness.

After a short leave-on time, the mask can be removed and the skin is ready to receive the two final cosmetics, starting with one among Villa Paradiso Cosmetics’ best sellers, the iconic Hyaluronic Acid. This formula with Hyaluronic Acid at perfectly balanced different molecular weights deeply moisturizes the skin and exerts a recompacting and restructuring action; the soft gel-like texture makes the product suitable for the eye area as well.

The protocol ends with the application of Oxidative Stress cream onto face, neck and décolleté, a light formula rich in moisturizing, nourishing and antioxidant active ingredients that help fight the oxidative damage induced by free radicals.

The final result? A moisturized, supple, smooth skin, where fine lines are minimized and that shines with natural brightness.

Face Cleansing Cream

Face Cleansing Cream

Mild exfoliating formulation with a purifying and normalizing action

Revitalizing Morning Treatment

Revitalizing Morning Treatment

Moisturizing, elasticizing and revitalizing mask




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